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Prospect Hill Fort (2) (1777-Unk) - A large Patriot Revolutionary War Fort established in 1777 on Prospect Hill in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Named Prospect Hill Fort after the location. Not known when it was abandoned.

Providence Beacon
Prospect Hill Fort Plan

History of Prospect Hill Fort

After the Battle of Bunker Hill the Town of Providence established a committee to erect a beacon on a high hill to warn the town of the approach of British ships. This beacon was a very tall log with a lamp mechanism at the top. The hill chosen was Prospect Hill also known as College Hill.

As the Revolutionary War progressed and British troops entered Narragansett Bay in December 1776 the Town of Providence developed a plan for a fortification on the very same Prospect Hill where the beacon was raised. The plan for the fort was 300' by 150' within the parapet. The earthworks were surrounded by a ditch and there were four bastions at the corners and two entrances. The fort was designed to mount some fifty-eight guns.

Current Status

No remains. The site was near the Roger Williams Memorial on Beacon Hill at Congdon and Bowen Streets in Providence, Rhode Island.

Location: Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.82982 Long: -71.40717

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