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Pueblo Revolt (1680-1692) - Started 10 Aug 1680. A rebellion by native pueblo tribes of New Mexico against the Spanish colonial authorities, settlers and Catholic priests. A coordinated attack by the Puebloans drove the surviving Spanish settlers and clergy into the Presidio of Santa Fe and the Isleta Pueblo near Albuquerque.

The Puebloans besieged both groups but they both managed to break out and fled south to Mexico. Some 400 people were killed including 21 of the 33 Franciscan missionaries.

The Spanish attempted to retake New Mexico in 1681 but failed and the province remained in the hands of the rebels until 1692.

The revolt ended 14 Sep 1692 when the Spanish reoccupied Santa Fe and after the tribes swore allegiance to the King of Spain and returned to the Christian faith.


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