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Quebec Martello Tower 4 (1808-1871) - A British colonial Martello Tower established by Ralph Bruyeres in 1808 on the Plains of Abraham in present day Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Abandoned in 1871 as the British military left Canada.
Quebec Martello Tower 4 Window Side
Quebec Martello Tower 4 Entrance Door
Quebec Martello Tower 4


Part of the Harbor Defense of Quebec.

Construction began in the summer of 1808 on four Martello towers to guard the westward land approaches to Fortress Quebec. The four towers were designed as an interlocking advanced defense system that could be destroyed from the fort if overrun.

The towers were completed by the start of the War of 1812 but they never were attacked. The towers were abandoned for military purposes when British troops departed Canada in 1871 but were used for other purposes after that.

Martello Tower 4 was much the same as Martello Tower 1 and could also garrison 12 men. It was apparently home to a peace officer and his family from 1892 to 1907.

Current Status

Quebec Martello Tower 4 Interpretive Panel

Tower still exists near the intersection of Lavigueur St. and Philippe-Dorval St. in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Not open to the public.

Location: Near Lavigueur St. and Philippe-Dorval St. in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.8093566 Long: -71.2273532

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