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Rampart House (1869-1929) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post and fort first established in 1869 at Rampart House in the Yukon. Abandoned in 1929.

Rampart House Buildings 1920.
Rampart House Furs for Shipment to London.
Rampart House 1920.


A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post and fort first established in 1869 on the Porcupine River next to the U.S./Canadian border, west of Old Crow, Yukon.

Established in 1869 after Fort Yukon in Alaska was determined to be on the U.S. side of the border and was ordered closed by American authorities. The post had to be moved further east after a new boundary survey in 1890. HBC post records begin in 1869 and end in 1893.

Daniel Cadzow was an independent trader from New York who came to the Yukon in 1896 and started bringing trade goods to Rampart House in 1904. He built a store, a warehouse and then a large new house in 1911. Cadzow stayed there up to the time of his death in 1929.

Abandoned as a community in 1929.

Rampart House RCMP Post (1913-1929)

The RCMP established a post here in 1913 and maintained a detachment until 1929 when it relocated to Old Crow. The detachment collected customs duties, acted as a mining recorder, patrolled the area and delivered mail to a remote and scattered populace. Two police officers were among the last residents at Rampart House between 1927 and 1929 when the detachment was moved to Old Crow.

Current Status

Part of the Rampart House Historic Site. This site, with a variety of built and archaeological resources, is cooperatively owned and managed by the Yukon Government and the Vuntut Gwichin First Nation.

Location: Rampart House, Yukon, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 67.41771 Long: -140.99907

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