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Randolph Barnes Marcy (1812-1887) - Born at Greenwich, Massachusetts, 9 Apr 1812. A career U.S. Army Infantry officer who was a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He died 22 Nov 1887 at Orange, New Jersey.

Randolph B. Marcy

Randolph B. Marcy, (Cullum 390), graduated 29th in his class at the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1832 and was commissioned a lieutenant in the 5th U.S. Infantry. The regiment he served with in the Black Hawk War and Mexican Wars.

He was engaged in the explorations of the Red river, in the Second Seminole war in Florida, and in the Missouri and Utah expedition of 1857-58. He was promoted paymaster with the rank of major, 22 Aug 1859, and inspector-general with the rank of colonel 9 Aug 1861.

U.S. Civil War

He was chief-of-staff to Gen. McClellan, his son-in-law, at the-beginning of the war, was made brigadier-general 23 Sep 1861, engaged in the campaign of western Virginia May to July, 1861, and was in Washington from July, 1861, to August, 1862. He served during the war on inspection duty in the departments of the Northwest, the Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and the Gulf, until 1865, and was on leave of absence, 1865-66. He was brevetted brigadier-general and major-general U. S. A., 13 Mar 1865, for faithful and meritorious services during the war.

Gen. Marcy was promoted inspector-general with the rank of brigadier-general U. S. A., 12 Dec 1878, and was retired from active service 2 Jan 1881.

He contributed to magazines and wrote several books. He was a famous hunter. Gen. Marcy died in Orange, N. J., Nov. 22, 1887.

Father: Leban Marcy (-)

Mother: Fanny Howe (-)


  • Mary A. Mann (abt 1814-1878) - born abt 1814 in Vermont. Married in 1833


  • Mary Ellen Marcy (1835-1915) born 6 May 1835. Died 13 Feb 1915, Nice, France. Married George B McClellan 22 May 1860
  • Fanny Marcy (abt 1846-) born abt 1846, Massachusetts.


  • (Brig. Gen., U. S. Volunteers, Sep. 23, 1861, to Mar. 4, 1863)
  • (1862-1862) (Brig. Gen.) Virginia Peninsular Campaign (Army of the Potomac), Mar.-Aug., 1862,
  • (1862-1862) (Brig. Gen.) Maryland Campaign (Army of the Potomac), Sep.-Nov., 1862;
  • (1863-1865) (Brig. Gen.) Inspection duties in the Departments of the “Northwest,” “Missouri,” “Arkansas,” “Mississippi,” and the “Gulf,” July, 1863, to Sep. 20, 1865
  • (Bvt. Brig. Gen., U. S. Army, Mar. 13, 1865, for Gallant and Meritorious Services in the Field During the Rebellion)
  • (Bvt. Maj. Gen., U. S. Army, Mar. 13, 1865, for Faithful and Meritorious Services During the Rebellion)
  • (1865-1866) leave of absence and awaiting orders, Sep. 20, 1865, to Sep. 3, 1866.
  • (1866-1869) Inspector-General of the Division of the Missouri, Sep. 28, 1866, to Mar. 8, 1869,
  • (1869-1881) Headquarters of the Army, Mar. 8, 1869, and as President of Army Regulations Board to Jan. 2, 1881.
  • (Brig. Gen., Staff – Inspector-General, U. S. Army, Dec. 12, 1868)
  • (1881) Retired from Active Service, Jan. 2, 1881, at his Own Request, Having Served Over 40 Years.

Personal Description:

  • Height:
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  • Marcy, Randolph Barnes. Explorations Of The Red River Of Louisiana In The Year 1852. 32nd Congress, 2nd Session. Senate Ex. Doc. No. 54... By Randolph B. Marcy, Captain, 5th Infantry U.S. Army; Assisted By George B. Mcclellan, Brevet Captain, U.S. Engineers.
  • Marcy, Randolph Barnes. Exploration Of The Red River Of Louisiana, In The Year 1852: By Randolph B. Marcy, Captain 5th Infantry U.S. Army; Assisted By George B. Mcclellan, Brevet Captain, U.S. Engineers.
  • Marcy, Randolph Barnes. The Prairie Traveler. A Hand-Book For Overland Expeditions. With Maps, Illustrations, And Itineraries Of The Principal Routes Between The Mississippi And The Pacific. By Randolph B. Marcy, Captain, U.S. Army. Published by authority of the War Department.


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