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Royal Artillery Park (1799-Active) - A Canadian military cantonment area and artillery park established in 1799 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Active military facility.

Royal Artillery Park 9-Pounder Rifled Muzzle Loader.
Royal Artillery Park 9" Armstrong Gun.
Royal Artillery Park Entrance


Established in 1799 on land acquired from John Cleary and Richard Cleary for £150. The Royal Artillery Park is located just across Sackville street from the Halifax Citadel and was used over time to provide barracks, stores, officers' quarters, a headquarters and mess for Royal Artillery personnel.

The Royal Engineer Establishment consisting of Royal Engineers Square and the South Barracks was established around 1800 on the east side of the Royal Artillery Park. These locations became a part of the Halifax fortifications complex known as the Imperial Fortress Halifax.

Original Buildings

A barracks for 59 soldiers was completed in 1803 situated on the north half of the present main parking lot. In 1805, the Commanding Officers’ Quarters were completed east of the soldiers' barracks, where it still stands today.

The original Officers’ Quarters were completed in 1812, to the west of the soldiers' barracks. The Officers’ Mess was started in 1812 to the west of the Officers’ Quarters but completion was delayed to 1815-1816 because of the War of 1812 and the need to upgrade the Harbor Defense of Halifax. The Mess was built for the officers of both the Royal Artillery Park and Royal Engineers Square, and was initially known as the RA & RE Officers’ Mess.

A headquarters building containing an orderly room and offices was built in front of the Officers’ Quarters. Two stables accommodated the six horses allocated for the officers and a number of workhorses to haul guns and wagons.


The brick Garrison Military Library was completed in 1886. In 1902 the library was renamed the Cambridge Military Library, after the Duke of Cambridge, Commander of the British Army for over 40 years. New brick Officers’ quarters and new brick married Warrant Officers’ Quarters were completed in 1903 replacing the old wooden Officers Quarters.

Royal Engineers Square and the South Barracks were torn down after WWII, as were all wooden buildings in Royal Artillery Park except for the Mess and the Commander’s quarters. Since WWII the Married Warrant Officers’ quarters have been used as Senior Officers’ Quarters and by the 3rd Intelligence Company. The former single Officers Quarters was used as Senior Married Officers’ Quarters and is now used as Headquarters for the 36 Canadian Brigade Group.


From the establishment of the Royal Artillery Park until the British Forces left Canada in 1906 the park was a British military property. The Royal Canadian Artillery took over control from the Royal Artillery that year and it remained under their control until the end of WWII. From the end of WWII until Canadian Forces unification in 1968, Royal Artillery Park remained under the command of the Regional Army GOC.

Royal Artillery Park Structures
Building Established Notes Image
Commanding Officer's Quarters 1804 Building No. 8. Royal Artillery Park Cmd Off Qtrs.jpg
Officers' Mess 1815-1816 The oldest military Mess in Canada. Building No. 1. Royal Artillery Park Cmd Off Qtrs - 1.jpg
Married Officers' Quarters 1901 Building No. 2. Royal Artillery Park Marr Off Qtrs.jpg
Warrant Officers' Quarters 1903 Building No. 6. Royal Artillery Park Marr WO Qtrs - 2.jpg
Cambridge Military Library 1886 Founded in 1817 and moved to the park in 1886. Building No. 3. Royal Artillery Park Mil Library - 1.jpg

Active and historic military facility.

Current Status

Active military installation in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. On the grounds are five historic buildings and eleven mounted historic artillery pieces. Inside access may be restricted but the buildings and the historic artillery pieces may be viewed through the fence. The artillery collection includes a 9-inch Armstrong gun unearthed at the Halifax Armoury during excavation of the Armoury foundation. Home to the Cambridge Military Library, founded in 1817 and moved to the post in 1886.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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