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Sandwich Point Battery (1894-1943) - A Canadian coastal gun battery established in 1894 during the Boer War in present day Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Abandoned in 1943. Also known as Spion Kop Battery after a battleground in South Africa.

Sandwich Point Battery History

Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

Built as a concrete coastal gun battery for two 9.2" Breech Loading (BL) guns and two 6" BL guns. A fire control station was built nearby in 1904 and remained in operation until 1942.

The battery was deactivated in 1943 and the 6" guns removed.

Current Status

On active military installation in Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Location: Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.5874797 Long: -63.5503185

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  • Elevation: 217'



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