Selfridge Army Air Defense Command Post D-15DC

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D-15DC Selfridge Air Force Base (1954-1974) A U.S. Army NIKE System AADCP command post collocated with a USAF SAGE radar site Z-20 on Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan. Deactivated in 1974.

D-15DC Selfridge Air Force Base, Missile Master Command Post Building on Right (Building 1050), FPS-35 Radar Tower on Left.


Selfridge Building 1050 Missile Master Entrance.
Selfridge Building 1050 RAPCON Interior after Conversion.

Established in 1954. The Army command post D-15DC evolved with the NIKE System housing a FSG-1 (Missile Master) and later a FSQ-51 (Missile Mentor) acquisition, launch and guidance systems. The building that housed the Army computer equipment and command post came to be known as the Missile Master Blockhouse. The Army deactivated the Selfridge D-15DC site in June 1974 and the collocated USAF Radar site was also deactivated that same year on 1 Sep 1974. The command post building survived until 2005 when it was demolished.

Besides the FSQ-51 and FSG-1 computer equipment, the Army also maintained two FPS-6 height-finder radars. These height-finders were in addition to the two USAF height-finders. Search radar data from the USAF FPS-35 was shared by the Army and USAF computer systems and fed to the SAGE Direction Center DC-06. The SAGE Direction Center would feed track assignments back to the Army command post for missile intercepts.

After the abandonment of the Missile Master Blockhouse (Building 1050) in 1974, the blockhouse was renovated and put into use as a military air traffic control RAPCON facility that operated into the 1990s.

Physical Plant

Selfridge Radar Site Plan
Selfridge Air Force Base Radar Site Structures (edit list)
Number Building Area Currently
1000 Operations/FST-2/GPA-37 Operations No
1003 North Radio Site Operations No
1004 South Radio Site Operations No
1005 Heating Plant Cantonment No
1007  ? Operations Yes
1008  ? Cantonment Yes
1010  ? Operations Yes
1011  ? Cantonment No
1012 Bachelor Quarters Cantonment No
1013 Bachelor Quarters Cantonment No
1014 Bachelor Quarters Cantonment No
1015 Bachelor Quarters Cantonment No
1016 Bachelor Quarters Cantonment No
1017  ? Cantonment No
1018  ? Cantonment No
1025 Telco Operations Yes
1030 FPS-35 Tower Operations Yes
1031 FPS-26 Tower Operations No
1040 East USAF FPS-6 Tower Operations No
1041 West USAF FPS-6 Tower Operations No
1045  ? Operations Yes
1050 US Army Missile Master Bunker Operations No Destroyed 2005
1051 Power Plant Operations Yes
1060  ? Cantonment Yes
FPS-20 Tower Operations No
US Army East FPS-6 Tower Operations No
US Army West FPS-6 Tower Operations No

Current Status

Missile Master building was destroyed in 2005. The site is next to the Selfridge Air Museum. The collocated sites are outlined in the map below.

Location: Selfridge ANG Base, Macomb County, Michigan.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.62694 Long: -82.829724

  • Multi Maps from ACME
  • Maps from Bing
  • Maps from Google
  • Elevation: 580'

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