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Silas Casey (1807-1882) - Born 12 Jul 1807 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. A career U.S. Army Infantry officer and United States Military Academy graduate who rose to the rank of Major General. Retired from the Army on 8 Jul 1868 with over 40 years of service. Died 22 Jan 1882 in Brooklyn, New York.

General Silas Casey

He entered the United States Military Academy 1 Jul 1822 and graduated 1 Jul 1826 in the Class of 1826 ranking 39th out of 41.

Silas Casey served for some five years in Florida during the Second Seminole War and did not return until the end of the war in 1842. He also served in the Mexican War and was seriously wounded leading the one of the two assault teams at the Battle of Chapultepec.

At the beginning of the U.S. Civil War in 1861 Silas Casey was a Lt. Colonel Commanding Fort Steilacoom in Washington State. Casey chose to stay loyal to the Union and was recalled to Washington D.C. where he received a brevet promotion to Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers on 31 Aug 1861 and a promotion to Colonel, 4th U.S. Infantry on 9 Oct 1861. He served at the Battle of Fair Oaks and was further promoted to Bvt Brigadier General, U.S. Army and Major General, U.S. Volunteers. Casey was mustered out of the Volunteer service at the end of the War in 1865 and retired on 8 Jul 1868 as brevet Major General, U.S. Army.

General Casey died 22 Jan 1882 in Brooklyn, New York and was buried at the Silas Casey Lot in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Father: Wanton Casey (1760-1842)

Mother: Elizabeth Goodale (1772-1830)

Marriage 1:

  • Abby P. Pearce (1813-1862) born 12 Jul 1813, died 10 Mar 1862
    • Thomas Lincoln Casey (1831-1896) (Cullum 1536), born 10 May 1831, married Emma Weir died 25 Mar 1896
    • Abby Pearce Casey Hunt (1838 - 1886), born 2 May 1838, married Lewis Hunt, died 25 Fed 1886
    • Silas Casey III (1841-1913) Rear Admiral USN, born 11 Sep 1841, died 14 Aug 1913
    • Elizabeth Goodale Casey Scott (1844 - 1912), born 18 Jan 1844, married Ltc Robert Nicholson Scott, died 18 Sep 1912
    • Edward Wanton Casey (1850-1891), 1st Lieutenant USA (Cullum 2501), born 1 Dec 1850, Benicia, California, killed by Sioux 7 Jan 1891 in South Dakota

Marriage 2:

  • Florida White Gordon (1836-1898) born 8 Sep 1836 Washington DC, married 12 Jul 1864 Washington DC, died 23 Aug 1898 New Marlborough, Massachusetts
    • Julia Clifford Casey (1865-?) born 3 May 1865, married Hildreth Kennedy Bloodgood 26 Jun 1888 Washington DC
    • Frederick Gordon Casey (1866-1867)



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