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St. Anthony Air Station (1953-1968) - A Cold War Pinetree Line Air Force Radar Station first established in 1953 near St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador. Named St. Anthony Air Station after the location. Initially assigned a Permanent ID of N-26 and Later C-26. Abandoned in 1968.

921st AC&W Squadron

Constructed 1951 to 1953 and became operational in November 1953 as St. Anthony Air Station manned by the 921st AC&W Squadron. The station initially had both a Ground-Control Intercept (GCI) and early warning mission. The early warning mission involved tracking and identifying all aircraft entering their airspace while the GCI mission involved guiding Air Force interceptors to any identified enemy aircraft. Controllers at the station vectored fighter aircraft at the correct course and speed to intercept enemy aircraft using voice commands via ground-to-air radio.

Initial equipment included the FPS-3 and FPS-502 search radars and a TPS-502 height-finder radar. The search radar was later upgraded to an FPS-20 and then to an FPS-93A. An FPS-6 height-finder radar was installed.


St. Anthony AS radar equipment operation was terminated at 2030 hours on 31 Mar 1968, per ADC PAD 68-4. The 921st AC&W Squadron was deactivated on 18 Jun 1968.

St. Anthony AS Major Equipment List
Search Radar HF Radar Data Systems

Gap Fillers

St. Anthony AS was responsible for the maintenance of one remote manned gap-filler radar site at La Scie Air Station. Manned by the Det. 2, 921st AC&W Squadron. The gap-filler sites were placed in locations where the main search radar lacked coverage. An OA-947 Gap Filler Monitor was installed at St. Anthony AFS allowing the operations personnel to remotely monitor tracks picked up by the gap-filler at La Scie AS. Tracks picked up by the FPS-14 gap-filler radar were processed by the FST-1 Coordinate Data Transmitter and sent over phone lines to the OA-947 at St. Anthony AS.

St. Anthony AS Gap Filler Radar Sites (edit list)
ADC NORAD Location State Type From To GPS Notes
N-26B La Scie AS NL FPS-14, FST-1 1957 1961 49.98056,

Physical Plant

The physical plant of the site was divided into the main site, a cantonment area, a housing area and a radio site. The main site housed the operations buildings, the radar towers, and the backup generators. The cantonment area was adjacent to the main site and housed the enlisted barracks, the bachelor officer's quarters, the orderly room, the dining hall, the motor pool and other support buildings.

Unit Designations
  • 921st Aircraft Control & Warning (AC&W) Squadron (1953-1968)
921st AC&W Assignments
  • 26 May 1953 - Activated at Grenier Air Force Base, NH, as the 4707th Defense Wing.
  • Fall of 1953 - Transferred to NEAC.
  • 1 Apr 1957 - Reassigned to ADC and 4731st Air Defense Group.
  • 6 Jun 1960 - Transferred to Goose ADS.
  • 1 Apr 1966 - Transferred to 37th Air Division.
  • 18 Jun 1968 - Discontinued.

St. Anthony AFS Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1954-07-03 1955-07-28 Major Logan, Lloyd R. N/A
1955-07-28 Major Johnson, Raymond R. N/A
1956-12 Major Berry, William M. N/A
1956-12 Major Hasskamp, Harold E. N/A
Major Marvin, George C. N/A
Major Fuss, John H. N/A
1960-03-04 Major Douglas, Robert K. N/A
1960-03-04 1960 Major Rushlau, John A. N/A
1960 Major Chester, Sidney M. N/A
1962 Major Gable, James E. N/A
1962 1963 Major Cashman, James E. N/A
1963 Lt. Colonel Rockwell, Archie M. N/A
1964-05-04 Major Ludlow, Harold M. N/A
1964-05-04 1964 Major Clayville, Howard G. N/A
1966-06-30 Lt. Colonel Allen, James J. N/A
1966 1967 Lt. Colonel McCombs, Ward L. N/A
1968-06-20 Lt. Colonel Kolb, Henry N/A
1968-06-20 Captain Truitt, Jerry D. N/A
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Current Status

Abandoned near St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Location: St. Anthony in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 51.34917 Long: -55.61083

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  • Elevation: .....'

See Also:


  • Cornett, Lloyd H. & Johnson, Mildred W., A Handbook of Aerospace Defense Organization (1946-1980), Office of History ADC, Peterson AFB, Colorado, 31 Dec 1980, 179 pages, Pdf, page 104.


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