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Charleston Air Force Station Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1950 1952 Major Vannella, Anthony J. N/A
1953 1956 Major Swartz, William E. N/A
1957 Major Perry, ? N/A
1958 Major Burak, Carl N/A
1961 1963 Major Marvin, George C. N/A
1964 1964 Lt Colonel Marvin, George C. N/A
1964 1966 Major Masteller, Donald H. N/A
1966 1966 Major McClane, Allan R. N/A
1967 Major Kate, Elton N/A
1970-03-01 Lt Colonel Parmelee, Deane S. N/A Sources differ
1970 1971 Lt Colonel Evans, William A. Jr N/A
1972 1975 Lt Colonel Thomas, Leland C. N/A
1975 1975 Lt Colonel Stover, Jack W. N/A
1976 1979 Lt Colonel Meyer, William S. N/A
1979 1979 Major Stymeist, N/A

Note: Sources differ on some of these dates and no dates are available for others See: AngleFire - Charleston AFS Commanders and Charleston AFS documents on Radomes.org.

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