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Tyndall JSS ROCC (1983-2006) - A Cold War JSS System Regional Operations Control Center first established in 1983 on Tyndall AFB, Bay County, Florida. Closed in 2006.

Tyndall JSS ROCC

Established in 1983 and became operational on 1 Mar 1983 as Tyndall JSS Regional Operations Control Center (ROCC).

Tyndall JSS Command Center Evolution (edit list)
Operator Comand Acronym Sector From To Notes
23rd AD TAC/ADTAC ROCC 1983-03-01 1985-12-06 Established as ROCC
23rd AD ACC/1st AF ROCC 1985-12-06 1986-10-01
23rd AD ACC/1st AF SOCC 1986-10-01 1987-07-01 Renamed SOCC
SEADS ACC/1st AF SOCC SEADS 1987-07-01 1987-10-01
SEADS ACC/1st AF SOCC SEADS 1987-10-01 1997-00-00
Florida ANG ACC/1st AF SAOC SEADS 1997-00-00 2005-11-01 ANG in Place
Renamed SAOCC
ROCC = Regional Operations Control Center
SOCC = Sector Operations Control Center
SAOC = Sector Air Operations Center
RAOC = Regional Air Operations Center
* Radomes - Tyndall JSS ROCC
* A Brief History of NORAD, NORAD Office of History, 31 Dec 2012, 39 pages, Pdf

Tyndall SOCC

On 1 Oct 1986, the name and acronym for the control center changed from Regional Operations Control Center (ROCC) to Sector Operations Control Center (SOCC). The controlled area was identified as the Southeast Air Defense Sector (SEADS).

Tyndall SAOC

The Tyndall JSS Sector Operations Control Center was renamed the Tyndall Sector Air Operations Center (SAOC) in 1997 and on 1 Oct 1997 the Florida National Guard assumed operation of the SAOC. The SAOC remained operational with the FYQ-93 computer system until closed on 20 Nov 2006. The SEADS area was merged with the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) and the result was the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) encompassing the eastern half of the United States located at Rome New York.

Current Status

Building repurposed.

Location: Tyndall AFB, Bay County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.075 Long: -85.59417

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