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Uintah Fort (1854-1869) - A Mormon settler Fort established during the Walker Indian War in 1854 in present day Uintah, Weber County, Utah. Abandoned as a fortification in 1869.

History of Uintah Fort

Established in 1854 to protect settlers against hostile Indian attacks during the Walker Indian War (1853-1854).

The Fort was built as a 500' by 1320' protective wall surrounding about 25 homes. The wall was built eight feet high of stone and compacted earth. The area in front of the wall was excavated to provide the material for the wall and that formed a ditch around the fort making the outer slope of the wall about 11' tall. The wall was three feet thick at the top widening to about 8' at the base. The ditch around the fort could be filled with water to make an assault even harder.

Probably abandoned as a fortification after the end of the war but the wall remained in place until 1869 when it was judged to be a nuisance and was torn down.

Current Status

No markers or other signs of the Uintah Fort. Much of the area has been recently developed and much of the fort area has likely been overbuilt with a subdivision.

Location: Uintah Fort, Weber County, Utah.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.14085 Long: -111.92473

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  • Elevation: yyyyy'

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  • Jones, Gordon Q., Pioneer Forts in Weber County, 1997, self published, 30 sheets, sheet 12-16.


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