Washington Indian War

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Washington Indian Wars (1855-1856) - A war between the Washington Territory and a confederation of western Washington Indian tribes lead by Nisqually chief, Leschi.

The war started at Connell's Prairie with the deaths of two Washington Territorial Volunteers‎ on 27 Oct 1855 and ended on 10 Mar 1856 with the climatic Battle of Connell's Prairie fought between the Washington Territorial Volunteers‎ and Indians under the leadership of the Nisqually chief, Leschi. The Indian defeat here shattered the hostile alliance in the western half of the territory.

The Connell's Prairie is located 10 miles east of Sumner, north of State Hwy 410, and off of the old Sumner-Buckley Hwy. (From Hwy 410 turn north on 214th Ave. E. (also known as Vandermark Road) proceed 1.5 miles to Connell's Prairie Road and east on this road 1 mile to intersection and marker.)

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