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Wildcat Military Reservation (1940-1946) - A 201 acre U.S. Army Military Reservation established in 1940 during World War II near Olema in Marin County, California. Abandoned as a military reservation circa 1946.

Wildcat MR, Battery Townsley Fire Control Station Plan.
Wildcat MR, Battery 129 Fire Control Station Plan.

World War II

Part of the Harbor Defense of San Francisco.
Wildcat MR Map.

The reservation was first established in 1940 during World War II as a 3.69 acre (plus road and cable easements) U.S. Army Military Reservation six miles southwest of Olema in Marin County, California. Initially used as the site of two reinforced concrete fire control stations, one for Battery Townsley (B/7-S/7) at Fort Cronkhite and one for Battery 129 at Fort Barry (B/7-S/7).

The reservation was later expanded to 201 acres (including easements) to accommodate the addition of two searchlight positions, a SCR-296A Radar Site and support facilities. Two access roads were established, one northeast to Olema and one south to Bolinas. A telephone cable easement southward to a fire control switchboard at Bolinas Military Reservation provided the primary communications path.

Antiaircraft protection was provided by two .50 Cal. Browning M2 machine gun positions, one about 250' south of the radar site and one about 300' northeast of the radar site.

Wildcat Military Reservation Power Plant Plan.
Wildcat MR Facilities
Type No. Name Project Accepted Notes
SCR-296A Radar 1 Wildcat Ridge WWII Radar Site RAD-9-177 8 Jun 1944
60" Portable Searchlight 1 Wildcat Ranch Searchlight #1
60" Portable Searchlight 2 Wildcat Ranch Searchlight #2 .
Fire Control Station 7 Battery Townsley Fire Control Station B/7 S/7 14 Nov 1941 .
Fire Control Station 7 Battery 129 Fire Control Station B/7 S/7 25 Oct 1943
Fire Control Station Power House 7 Wildcat MR Power House 22 May 1944 Two 3 KVA generators
.50 Caliber AA M2 Machine Gun 2 Wildcat MR Machine Gun Position
.50 Caliber AA M2 Machine Gun 2-A Wildcat Ridge Machine Gun Position

Post War

At the end of the war, the equipment was removed. The leased Tract 7 parcel of land was then returned to the owners on 15 Jul 1947. On 26 Jul 1950, 8.344 acres were quitclaimed to Grace H. Kelham. On 31 May 1951, 77.556 acres were transferred to the Department of the Navy who deleted that transfer on 28 Nov 1952. On 30 Jun 1953, Tract 6 was returned to the owners. The remaining 3.69-acre parcel (Tract 4A) was quitclaimed to Grace Hamilton Kelham on 16 Aug 1961 without stipulation.

Wildcat MR Major Parcels
Tract Owner Acres Purchased Released Notes
4A Glen Ranch Company 3.69 14 May 1940 16 Aug 1961
6 Gene Compton's Corporation 40.00 30 Jun 1953 Private estate
7 William S. & Wrenn W.Trevis 180.00 15 Jul 1947 Private estate

Current Status

Part of Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California. Several hiking trails cross the former reservation and the Wildcat Camp is located on the site of the reservation. No visible remains of the Military reservation facilities.

Public access via hiking and biking trails. No direct automobile access.

Location: Six miles southwest of Olema, Marin County, California.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.97233 Long: -122.79113

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  • Elevation: 0' to 660'

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  • U.S.Army, Supplement to the Harbor Defense Project Harbor Defenses of San Francisco, (CCA-P-SFB), 15 Nov 1945, CDSG


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