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William McRee (1788-1833) - Born 12 Jan 1788 in Wilmington, North Carolina. U.S. Army officer, engineer and later Surveyor General of the United States. Died 15 may 1833, in St. Louis, Missouri.
He entered the United States Military Academy in 1803 and graduated in the Class of 1805 ranking 2nd out of 3.

Served in the U.S. Corps of Engineers, fought in the War of 1812 and became chief engineer for the Army of the Niagara Frontier. Rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1818 but resigned his commission 31 Mar 1819 in a dispute over the assignment of General Simon Bernard, a foreign engineer, into the Corps of Engineers. Became Surveyor-General of the United States, for Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas Territories (1825-1832).

He died 15 May 1833 in St. Louis Missouri at the age of 45.

Fort McRee in Pensacola Harbor is named after William McRee.


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