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York 6-Pounder QF Battery (1890-Unknown) - York 6-Pounder QF Battery was a Canadian reinforced concrete 6-Pounder Quick-Fire (QF) coastal gun battery in the York Redoubt, Sleeby Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Probably deactivated following World War I.

York 6-Pounder QF Battery Interpretive Panel.
York 6-Pounder QF Battery, Emplacement 1.
York 6-Pounder QF Battery, Emplacement 2.


Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

On 22 May 1990 the Canadian War Office authorized the construction of a Quick-Firing battery at York Redoubt at a cost of 1,321 pounds.

York 6-Pounder QF Battery Emplacement 2 Ammunition Storage.

Two of the eight 9" RML Gun Emplacements at the north end of the gun line were modified to emplace the two 6-pounder QF guns. These guns were pedestal mounted and operated by a single gunner and multiple loaders who placed "fixed" ammunition into the gun breech. The "fixed" ammunition came as a single piece with the 6 pound shell attached to a powder filled shell case and fired by percussive cap at the rear of the shell case. Trained gun crews could achieve rates of 15 rounds per minute.

The QF guns were to be used against small, fast attack craft that might slip by the larger guns and attack a planned minefield below the redoubt. The battery could also be used as an examination battery to challenge unidentified ships trying to enter the inner harbor.

Probably deactivated following World War I but they might have remained in service until the activation of the York Shore Battery.

Current Status

Part of the York Redoubt National Historic Site, Halifax, Nova Scotia. No period guns or mounts in place. Two emplacements remain, with one still exposing the mounting bolts for the pedestal mount.

Location: York Redoubt National Historic Site, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.59773 Long: -63.5528

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  • Elevation: 150'

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