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York 64-Pounder Battery (1888-Unknown) - York 64-Pounder Battery was a Canadian reinforced concrete 64-pounder coastal gun battery in the York Redoubt, Sleepy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Deactivated circa 1900.

York 64-Pounder Battery Observation Post.
York 64-Pounder Battery Gun Emplacement.
York 64-Pounder Battery.


Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

With the 1888 expansion of the York Redoubt, it became necessary to provide some protection for the land side approaches to the redoubt. A reinforced concrete battery was built to cover the south and southwest land approaches to the expanded redoubt area. The battery was armed with two large 64-pounder guns in fixed concrete emplacements. The battery included powder magazines and gunner shelters below and an observation post above.

York 64-Pounder Battery Caponier Interior Showing Rifle Slits on the Side and Front.

The battery had one additional feature not found in many batteries, a caponier that extended forward from the battery outside the wall of the redoubt. The caponier provided gun slits that allowed riflemen to fire on attackers at the wall.

The gun carriage was mounted in a circular pit with a center pin that allowed the gun to be rotated for aiming and servicing, this was a muzzle-loader that required front access to load.

The battery was probably decommissioned around 1900.

Current Status

York 64-Pounder Battery Interpretive Panel.

No period guns or mounts in place. The battery structure survives and is mostly accessable.

Location: Sleepy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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