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Battery 155 - North Cove (1941-1945) - Battery 155 - North Cove was a temporary, World War II, 155mm coastal gun battery located in Westport, Pacific County, Washington. Deactivated in 1944. Also known as Battery 75 - North Cove initially.

Battery 155 - North Cove Panama Mount in Surf, center pedestal sometimes above water, gear ring below surface.

World War II

Part of the Harbor Defense of Grays Harbor.

Originally built as a temporary World War II era coastal gun battery first with four 75mm guns and later with two 155mm rapid-fire M1A1 guns mounted on mobile carriages and emplaced on Panama mounts.

The prewar Joint Northwestern Sector Defense Plan (Rainbow No. 5) was put into effect with the outbreak of hostilities with Japan on 7 December 1941. Battery C, 144th Field Artillery of the IX Army Corps, stationed at Fort Lewis, moved immediately into positions at North Cove with four 75mm guns. The troops were quartered under canvas until temporary WWII-type quarters were completed about a year later.

The initial deployment of field artillery troops from Fort Lewis continued until the Harbor Defenses of Grays Harbor came under the command of the 56th Coast Artillery. The field artillery troops and their deployed 75mm guns were then replaced at North Cove by Detachment Battery C of the 56th Coast Artillery by September of 1942. The Coast Artillery brought with them two 155mm M1A1 guns to be emplaced at North Cove. By 1943 two Panama mounts for the 155mm guns were in place.

In January 1944 all the Coast Artillery assignments at Grays Harbor were terminated leaving only guards until the remaining ammunition was removed.

It is unclear when the battery at Westport was actually abandoned but certainly by January 1944.

155mm M1918 Gun at Fort Morgan
Panama Mount at Fort Pickens

Current Status

Remains (the center post) of one circular Panama mount can be seen in the surf if the tide is low.

Location: Near North Cove, Pacific County, Washington.

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.73651 Long: -124.07876

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  • WA0017 - Battery 155 - North Cove
  • WA0027 - Battery 75 - North Cove

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