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Hi, I'm John Stanton, and I have a great interest in fortifications of all kinds.


Templates & Categories

{{WWICoastalGuns}} World War I distribution program
{{AMTB90mmDescription}} Description
{{200seriesbatteries}} Description
{{GGNRA}} description
[[Category:1920 Disarmament Program]]
------ Picture Credits ------
{{GGNRACredit}} picture credit
------ Sources ------
{{Berhow}} - ASD2
{{BerhowASD3}} - ASD3
{{Morgan-Berhow-RSS}} - Rings of Supersonic Steel
{{Kaufmann}} Fortress America
{{Lossing}} - Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution Vol. I
{{LossingV2}} - Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution Vol. II
{{Lossing1812}} - Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812
{{LossingCWV3}} - Pictorial Field-Book of the Civil War Vol. III
{{Huck}} - Fur trade
{{Gowans}} - Gowans, Fred R., Rocky Mountain Rendezvous: A history of the Fur Trade Rendezvous 1825-1840
{{Cooling}} - Mr. Lincoln's Forts
{{Kessell}} - New Mexico Missions
{{CabrilloGuns}} ------CABRILLO: The Guns of San Diego Historic Resource Study, NPS]
{{WPStaffRide}} West Point Staff Rides
{{Mines}} ------ Tour of NY City with Illustrations 1800s
{{21AR-ASHPS}}  ------ Twenty-First Annual Report of the American Scenic and Historic Society
{{19AR-ASHPS}}  ------ Nineteenth-First Annual Report of the American Scenic and Historic Society
{{KendallC3}} ------ Kendall, John, '''''History of New Orleans''''', Chapter III The Transfer to the US
-----New Mexico Missions---------
{{Prince}} -------- Spanish Mission Churches of New Mexico

-----Air Force References---------
{{Mueller}} Air Force Bases  17 Sep 1982
{{Ward-Naka UHF Radar}} Experimental SAGE Subsector FD Radars
{{Ulmann}} Ulmann, Bernd, AN/FSQ-7: the computer that shaped the Cold War
{{Shaw}} Locating Air Force Base Sites: History's Legacy
{{NORAD}} A Brief History of NORAD
{{BussLydus}} Buss, Lydus H., US Air Defense in the Northeast 1940-1957
{{Cornett}}, page ......  ADC Organization
{{Winkler}}, page ...... Searching the skies
{{Grometstein}}, page ..... MIT Lincoln Laboratory: Technology in Support of National Security - SAGE
{{Lihani}}, page......  NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain AFS
{{MIL-HDBK-162A}} ------ 15 Dec 1965, [ Pdf]
------ Alaska AC& /Nike------------
{{DenfieldCDSGJNLV7N1}} Dutch Harbor Coastal Defenses CDSG Journal Vol 7 No. 1
{{DenfeldUSACE}} The Cold War In Alaska: A Management Plan For Cultural Resources, 1994-1999
{{AC&WArgonne}} History of the Aircraft Control and Warning System in Alaska: Air Defense of Arctic
{{HollingerNikeAK}} Nike Hercules Operations in Alaska: 1959-1979
------WWI References -----
------WWII References -----
{{USArmy1945Facilities}} 31 Dec 1945 List of Army Facilities CDSG Download
{{BurtonFarrellLord}} Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites
{{Wyatt}} Japanese Americans In World War II NPS

-------Mormon Forts -------------
------ Cullum References --------
----- Ganoe Army History -------
{{Ganoe|nnnnn}} Ganoe US Army History Page
{{GanoeChapter|nna}} Ganoe US Army History Chapter
------ Map Points --------------
{{GPSLink|Lat={{{Lat}}}|Lon={{{Lon}}}}}     Two Line Link only to Wikimapia Map
{{GPSLinkLong|Lat=|Lon=}}                          One Line Link only to Wikimapia Map
{{GNISMapPoint}}                                     Disclaimer for GNIS Coordinates
{{GNISRaw|ID={{{ID}}}}}                            Link only to GNIS Page
------ Post Returns --------------
{{PostReturns|Oct 1882 - Jun 1900}}
------ Canada ------------------
{{CoatesK}} Yukon Trading Posts
{{ProwseHistory}} Newfoundland History
{{Piers}} The Evolution of the Halifax Fortress 1749-1928
------ Canada Guns  ------------
[[Category:CAN Mk 1/Mk 1 Twin 6 pounders]]
[[Category:CAN Mk 24/Mk 6 BL 6 Inch Gun]]
[[Category:CAN 6 pounder QF Hotchkiss Gun]]
-------CA-AZ Desert Training Center ------
{{DesertTngCtr-CA-AZ}} Desert Training Center California-Arizona Maneuver Area - Interpretive Plan
{{BischoffDTC}} Preparing for Combat Overseas: Patton's Desert Training Center
{{Lynch-Kennedy-Wooley}} Patton's Desert Training Center

Preferred Word Usage

  • breechloading
  • muzzleloading
  • Coast Artillery
  • English - to 1707
  • Scottish - to 1707
  • British - Starting May 1707
  • Great Britain Starting 1707
  • United Kingdom Starting Jan 1801

Test Location

Map Links for Lat/Lon 65.56508,-167.96823 Bing ACME WikiMapia Other

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