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Battery White (3) (1862-1865) - A Confederate U.S. Civil War Battery established in 1862 near Georgetown, Georgetown County, South Carolina. Captured by Union forces in February 1864. Abandoned at the end of the war in 1865.

Battery White Collapsed South Magazine
Battery White Emplacement Traverse
Battery White 10" Mounted Columbiad Cannon, original to the Battery.


Established in 1862 on a site reportedly selected by Major General John C. Pemberton, (Cullum 917), CSA. The battery was located on Maryrant's Bluff overlooking Winyah Bay near Georgetown, South Carolina. When built the Battery covered the approaches to Georgetown at a strategic narrow point in the Bay.

The battery was plagued by a lack of manpower and appropriate armament. In February 1863 there were only 53 men and nine guns at the battery, hardly enough to ward off a serious Union attack. Desertions to the enemy by eleven Confederate soldiers further compromised the defense and by February 1864 the battery was discovered deserted by a Union landing party. The battery was taken and Georgetown was occupied by forces under Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren aboard his flagship Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon would later hit a mine and sink as it left Georgetown, parts of the wreck can still be seen today.

Abandoned at the end of the war in 1865.

Current Status

Battery White Monument to Those Who Served.

This battery lay virtually untouched for about 100 years and is in remarkable condition for its age. This battery is one of the few Civil War batteries that has large caliber guns that were original to the Battery. The two 10" Columbiad guns were manufactured late in the war at the famous Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia.

This Battery sits in a beautiful setting with well cared for grounds and a marked pathway through the whole battery. At each feature, there is a small numbered maker (1 to 15) that is keyed to the Battery White Memorial Trail Guide (download here before you visit).
This battery is located in the gated Belle Isle Gardens Yacht Club complex, access can be obtained at the gate by dialing the 4 digit code on the intercom and requesting to visit Battery White. On entry, drive down to the Yacht Club Marina for parking, the battery is located on the left just above the parking lot.

Location: Georgetown, Georgetown County, South Carolina.

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Lat: 33.30354 Long: -79.2942

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Visited: 13 Mar 2018

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