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Camp Jefferson Davis (1848-1855) - A Mexican War Camp first established in 1848 in East Pascagoula, Jackson County, Mississippi. Named Camp Jefferson Davis after Jefferson Davis (Cullum 530). Abandoned in 1855.

Camp Jefferson Davis Marker.


Established in July 1848 at the end of the Mexican War by Bvt Major General David E. Twiggs with parts of six regiments and the 2nd U.S. Dragoons (1,949 men total). Camp Jefferson Davis was created in East Pascagoula, Mississippi to reorganize part of the troops returning from the Mexican War. Nearby Camp Lawson on Greenwood Island contained a large hospital to care for returning wounded. Camp Corine was established two miles north near the river to house the 2nd U.S. Dragoons and their horses. The Dragoons were removed to Texas in November 1848.

Troops began leaving in August 1848 and by November 1848 nearly all had been reorganized and processed to other posts. The Camp was then abandoned until about 1850 when it was renovated for use as a military asylum for the sick and wounded from all services, including those from the Mexican War. The asylum opened in May 1852 but had a short life and closed in 1855, never recovering from damage received in an 1852 hurricane and suffering from a lack of patients. The hurricane of 14-15 Sep 1860 finished off the facility and severely damaged most of the buildings. The military reservation was abandoned and later sold in 1907 to Alfred L. Dantzler.

Current Status

Camp Jefferson Davis Interpretive Panel.

No remains. The Gulf side of the camp is now the Pascagoula City Park with a roadside marker and an interpretive panel explaining the Camp history.

Location: East Pascagoula, Jackson County, Mississippi. Map point is approximate. Yellow section is the approximate outline of the camp.

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Lat: 30.3425 Long: -88.5251

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