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Camp McCain (1942-Present) - A U.S. Army World War II Infantry training post established in 1942 in Grenada County, Mississippi. Named after Major General Henry P. McCain. Declared surplus in 1946 and converted into a Mississippi National Guard Post.

Camp McCain Marker #1.
Camp McCain marker #2.
Camp McCain Training Center.


Established to provide a 42,243 acre World War II infantry training post in Grenada County, Mississippi. The 87th and 94th infantry divisions trained at Camp McCain for combat in Europe.

Over 7,700 German prisoners of war were housed at the camp during the war. Satellite camps were developed to put the German POWs closer to their work in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta.

Camp McCain closed on 15 Oct 1944 and most of the land was sold or returned to other agencies. The remaining 3000 acres were declared surplus 1 Jan 1946 and most of the buildings were sold off. The State of Mississippi retained the 3000 acres and several rifle ranges.

The State developed and expanded the Camp as a National Guard training post. Camp McCain can now house 1200 troops and has a number of tactical training facilities for the Mississippi National Guard.

Current Status

Camp McCain Entrance.

Now Camp McCain Training Center, Grenada County, Mississippi.

Location: Camp McCain Training Center, Grenada County, Mississippi.

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Lat: 33.69701 Long: -89.70966

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  • Elevation: 299' varies

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