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Camp Pilot Butte (1885-1899) - A U.S. Army Camp established in 1885 in response to the Rock Springs Chinese Massacre in Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Abandoned in 1899. Designated Camp Pilot Butte on 20 Oct 1885. Also known as Camp Rock Springs (1).

Camp Pilot Butte from Bitter Creek, circa 1890s


The Rock Springs Chinese Massacre took place on 2 Sep 1885 when a mob of some 150 white miners attacked the Chinatown section of Rock Springs, setting it on fire and killing some 28 Chinese workers. The remaining Chinese workers fled the area.

Wyoming Territorial Governor, Francis E. Warren, arranged for two companies from the 7th U.S. Infantry to be sent into the Wyoming Territory. One was posted to Evanston, the other was posted to Rock Springs. On 9 Sep 1885, six more companies from the 7th U.S. Infantry from Fort Bridger and Camp Douglas arrived. Four companies escorted the Chinese refugees, who had fled the area, back to Rock Springs. The arrival of the troops and the placement of the Chinese under the protective custody of the Army calmed the situation down and all but two companies of troops were returned to their original posts. The remaining companies were initially quartered in tents.

Camp Pilot Butte was then built out as a permanent, two company, five and a half acre, open plan post. The old parade is now bounded on the west by Soulsby St., on the east by Pilote Butte Ave., on the north by Bridger Ave. (U.S. 30) and on the south by Elias Ave. On the east side of the parade was a "T" shaped two company enlisted barracks. On the west side were two sets of officer quarters, each designed for three officers. Although designed for two companies, the post was usually garrisoned by one company. The post was officially closed on 3 Mar 1899.

Current Status

Site currently owned by the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Location: Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.59099 Long: -109.22059

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  • Elevation: 6260'



Visited: 14-15 Sep 2012

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