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Camp Wilson (2) (1916-1917) - A U.S. Army camp of instruction established in 1916 on Fort Sam Houston in Bexar County, Texas. Absorbed into Camp Travis in 1917.

Camp Wilson circa 1916
Camp Wilson Memorial on Fort Sam Houston


Established as a U.S. Army camp of instruction in July 1916 on Fort Sam Houston in Bexar County, Texas. The camp was established as a part of the response to Mexican bandit Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico. Some 100,000 National Guard troops were called to duty for the response.

The camp was bounded by present day Wilson St., Garden St., Harry Wurzbach Hwy., Eleanor Ave. and New Braunfels Ave. The site was a tent camp built on soil that consisted of mixed gravel and gumbo clay which produced a deep, sticky mud when wet. There was no sewer system and sanitation was always a major problem. Flies were also a major problem because of the close proximity of Remount Station #2 and concerted efforts were required to bring the fly problem under control. The lessons learned at Camp Wilson (2) were applied at the camps established as World War I began.

The camp was absorbed into Camp Travis in July 1917 as U.S. involvement in World War I grew.

Current Status

No remains on Fort Sam Houston in Bexar County, Texas

Location: Fort Sam Houston, Bexar County, Texas.

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Lat: 29.4554 Long: -98.4503

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