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Canmore NWMP Barracks (1893-1929) - A North West Mounted Police barracks first established in 1893 at present day Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Abandoned in 1929.

Canmore NWMP Barracks Entrance
Canmore NWMP Barracks Sign
Canmore NWMP Barracks Building

Canmore NWMP Barracks

Established in 1893 to house a one or two man detachment of North West Mounted Police. The detachment was put in place to control illegal liquor traffic from the United States and to keep law and order in the remote region.

The barrack building itself was small and modest, built as a one-storey rectangular 26' by 20' log structure. The functionality of the barracks changed over time and came to include use as a jail and court as well as quarters. In 1917 Corporal Charles H. Clarke, NWMP, was posted to the Canmore barracks. Corporal Clarke was one of the few married men in the NWMP, he had a wife and five young children. The small building became a family quarters in addition to all the other roles. The jail was upgraded from wooden cells to a central steel cage and a small addition was added in 1923 that provided a bedroom for Corporal Clarke's three girls. Corporal Clarke remained at Canmore until the post was closed in 1929.

The barracks was abandoned in 1929 and became a private residence.

Current Status

The City of Canmore purchased the property 1989 and a restoration was begun. The restored barracks was officially reopened on 16 Jul 1995 and is the only remaining barracks building on the original site in western Canada.

Location: 609 Main St., Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

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Lat: 51.089148 Long: -115.356475

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