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FSW-1 Remote Gap Filler Site Control/Monitor Set - A Remote Gap Filler Site Control/Monitor set built by Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Typical FPS-14 Gap Filler Site. The FSW-1 is shown as the Remote Control and Monitoring Equipment.

FSW-1 Gap Filler Site Control/Monitor

The FSW-1 provides a remote control system for the control and monitoring of equipment functions and building conditions at unattended gap-filler radar sites. This equipment allowed the manned prime site to see the status of critical system at the remote site and to take corrective actions by switching to redundant equipment. In the case of the radar equipment (FPS-14/FPS-18) and the data set FST-1 that have redundant channels (A channel and B channel), the prime site could switch channels and power each channel up or down. Power to the remote site could be monitored and controlled by observing the status of commercial power and the backup generators and switching between them when necessary.

Typical functions to monitor include site security (doors open/closed), fire alarm, radar set status (channel on line/Channel off line) (Channel up/Channel down), FST-1 channel status (channel on line/Channel off line) (Channel up/Channel down), antenna (rotating/not rotating), generator status (running/stopped) (on line/off line).

Typical control functions include generator (start/stop), generator (on line/off line), radar channel (on/off), radar (channel change), FST-1 (channel on/off), FST-1 (channel change).

The FSW-1 also had the ability to provide a voice circuit between the gap-filler site and the main site and often this was the only means of communications between the two. Many of the gap-fillers were on mountain tops or in remote locations with no nearby communities and this telephone line kept the gap-filler teams in touch with the main site. The telephone handsets can be seen at the lower right hand side of each cabinet.

The prime site cabinet had a front panel with indicators for each of the monitored functions. Critical functions also had an audible alarm. The prime site unit was usually placed at the Maintenance Control Center (MCC), a position that was manned 24/7.

FSW-1 Gap Filler Site Control/Monitor
Element Value Notes
Nomenclature FSW-1
Manufacturer Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Type Remote Gap Filler Site Control/Monitor Set
Communications media 600 ohm Telephone line
Std single pair
Remote Control Functions 20
Remote Monitor Functions 15 Visual
15 Audio-Visual
Power 105-130 v AC 300w
FSW-1 the Prime Site Unit on the Left, Remote Site Unit on the Right.
FSW-1 Monitor & Control System Components

FSW-1 Components (edit list)
Component Model Quantity Height Width Deep Weight Notes
Control Monitor (Prime) C-2063 1 84" 26" 25" 690 lb
Control Monitor (Remote) C-2062 1 84" 26" 25" 720 lb

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