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Fort Anahuac (1830-1832) (1835-1836) - A Mexican customshouse and fort constructed in October 1830 by Colonel John Davis Bradburn, the Mexican commander. Davis was an American who became a Mexican officer as a result of service during the Mexican War of Independence. The post was abandoned in 1836.

Fort Anahuac Marker
Fort Anahuac Monument
Fort Anahuac Site

Fort Anahuac History

The fort was built out as 30' by 40' adobe building by prisoner labor during 1831-1832. The post was designed to stop American settlers and goods from entering Texas. In 1832 the fort was the scene of an incident that helped to initiate the revolution that led to the secession of Texas from Mexico. William B. Travis and his law partner were imprisoned in the fort for arguing for the release of slaves owned by the Mexican Authorities. The Mexican Garrison relented after being pressured by a militia force of about 200. A second incident over customs duties resulted in the Mexican forces being expelled from the fort by a militia force of 25 men led by William B. Travis on 30 Jul 1835. The militia occupied the fort until 1836 when Texas won its independence from Mexico.

Current Status

Some traces remain of Fort Anahuac on Galveston Bay near the mouth of Trinity river. The fort site is outlined in red tiles.

Location: Fort Anahuac Park, 5 Main St., Anahuac, Chambers County, Texas

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Lat: 29.7561 Long: -94.6853



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