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Fort Armstrong (1) (1836-1837) - A Second Seminole War U.S. Army Fort established in 1836 near present-day Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida. Named Fort Armstrong after Colonel Robert Armstrong who supervised the building of the fort. Abandoned in 1837.

Fort Armstrong Monument.


Fort Armstrong was built to guard a section of the Fort King Trail and to support operations by General Richard K. Call in the Battle of Wahoo Swamp. A detachment of men, mostly volunteers from Tennessee, under the command of Major Robert Armstrong, built the fort about a half-mile from the site of the Dade Massacre, which had occurred the year before on 28 Dec 1835.

General Call, with some 2500 troops, encamped at the fort site on 20 Nov 1836. The following morning, his command left to engage a large group of Seminole Indians at the Battle of Wahoo Swamp on 21 Nov 1836. This was one of the most grueling battles of the war, with U.S. troops unable to pursue the Seminoles because their horses could not travel through the muck of the swamp, and travel by foot was impossible. The U.S. forces were unable to find and defeat the Seminoles, and General Call was relieved of his command.

Current Status

Fort Armstrong Marker Text (click to enlarge).

The Fort Armstrong Monument is a small roadside stone pedestal with a mounted metal plaque and a map of the Seminole War campaigns. The monument borders on a swampy area and is about 1,500 feet North of the entrance to the Dade Battlefield Historic State Park, the site of the Dade Massacre in 1835.

Location: Along CR-476 in Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida.

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