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Fort Assiniboine (2) (1823-1877) - A Hudson's Bay Company trading post first established in 1823 on the banks of the Athabasca River at the present-day hamlet of Fort Assiniboine, Alberta. Named after the Assiniboine Indians. Closed in 1877.

Fort Assiniboine Museum and Friendship Club
Inside the Fort Assiniboine Museum Palisade
Fort Assiniboine Site now the Site of the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Markers in Front


Established in 1823 and fortified in 1825. Fort Assiniboine became a relay station for the fur trade serving as a transit point between Edmonton and the Athabasca and Yellowhead passes to the west coast. Supplies and trade goods were brought to Fort Assiniboine by pack train from Edmonton and then shipped up the Athabasca River to the Athabasca and Red Head passes and the to the Pacific coastal area. Furs were returned via the same route. As the fur trade declined and transportation routes changed the fort became unnecessary and was it abandoned. The post was closed in 1877 and it burned down sometime later.

Current Status

Fort Assiniboine Marker

Fort Assiniboine National Historic Site. Two markers in stone cairns in front of the Legion Hall and adjacent to the Fort Assiniboine museum in the hamlet of Fort Assiniboine, Alberta. Map point is the marker location.

Location: Township Road 661, Fort Assiniboine, Alberta.

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Lat: 54.3342 Long: -114.7747

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