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Fort Bliss (1848-Present) - Established 7 Nov 1848 by G.O. #58 as Post at El Paso in present day El Paso, El Paso County, Texas. First garrisoned by Bvt. Major Jefferson Van Horne (Cullum 499), 3rd U.S. Infantry with six companies on 7 Sep 1849. Named after Bvt. Lt. Colonel William Wallace Smith Bliss (Cullum 715) in 1854. Also known as Camp at Franklin; Military Post of El Paso; Camp Concordia and Post at Smith Ranche.

Old Fort Bliss Re-creation.
Fort Bliss Officer's Quarters .
Fort Bliss Pershing House.


Fort Bliss was built as the western end of two lines of forts that guarded the upper and lower San Antonio-El Paso Road. The post established in 1849 saw intermittent use until 1851, when it was abandoned. Changing requirements brought the Army back to El Paso in 1853 and the post, at first built of adobe (diary of May Humphreys Stacey, July 27, 1857), was renamed for Lt. Colonel William Wallace Smith Bliss in 1854.

The U.S. Civil War

Like other western posts, the start of the U.S. Civil War forced officers and enlisted men to choose sides and go their separate ways. The remaining Union garrison at Fort Bliss was directed to surrender to Confederate forces 31 Mar 1861 after Texas withdrew from the Union. The post remained in Confederate hands until Colonel J. H. Carlton, 1st California Volunteers, drove out the Confederate troops on 20 Aug 1862. The retreating Confederates destroyed Fort Bliss, except for the hospital which housed their sick and wounded. The destroyed post was not re-garrisoned by Union forces until after the war ended. The hostile Indians took advantage of the lack of protection, stepped up their attacks and drove many settlers out of the area.

Post U.S. Civil War

The post was re-garrisoned 16 Oct 1865 and was rebuilt in a new location on 300 acres near present day Concordia Cemetery with permanent buildings. As the hostile Indian threat subsided the troops were needed elsewhere and the post was closed in 1877. The removal of the garrison caused a breakdown in law and order and the troops were returned 1 Jan 1978 but re-established the post in a new location. The post was again moved in 1893 to its present location after a railroad was routed through the old post.

Current Status

Active military installation.

Location: El Paso, El Paso County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.80308 Long: -106.43494

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  • Elevation: 3,886' varies

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