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Fort Claiborne (1) (1804-1819) - A U. S. Army fort in Louisiana, established in 1804 by Captain Edward D. Turner, 2nd U.S. Infantry, under orders from General James Wilkinson. Named after Louisiana Governor William C. C. Claiborne. Abandoned in 1819.


First established by Captain Edward D. Turner on 4 Aug 1804 a short distance from the old French Fort Saint Jean Baptiste. The Fort occupied about two acres with a palisaded enclosure. The enclosure had free-standing barracks buildings on the south end and a two-story free-standing blockhouse inside the north end. The second story of the blockhouse was canted ninety degrees from the first story.

The garrison was ordered to evacuate to Fort Selden in June 1819 and it was reported evacuated and demolished in July 1819.

Current Status

No remains.

Location: Natchitoches, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.76194 Long: -93.08944

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  • Elevation: 125'

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