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Fort Gallatin (1893-1917) - A military checkpoint established in 1893 at the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin County, Montana. Upgraded to a residential detachment in 1910. Burned down and was abandoned in 1917.


A military checkpoint was established in 1893 at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park via the Gallatin Canyon and river. Yellowstone Park was under military supervision from 1886 until 1918 operating from Fort Yellowstone inside the park. A number of small outposts were developed to support details controlling the major access points to the park and to control miners and poachers.

With the development of roads in the Gallatin Canyon in the early 1900s, Fort Gallatin was upgraded to a small residential detachment with several buildings including a barrack and stable. The work was completed on 30 Nov 1910 and the outpost/fort continued to operate until a fire destroyed the buildings on 10 Mar 1917. In 1918 operation of the Park was turned over to the National Park Service.

Current Status

The site is south of Bozeman at milepost 26.5 on U.S. Hwy 191 at or near the Specimen Creek Trail Head and Specimen Creek. Note this site is inside Yellowstone park in Montana, not Wyoming. Patten identified and photographed ruins of the post buildings in his 2018 book (page 155) but in our 2022 visit, we could not find them.

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin County, Montana.

Maps & Images

Lat: 45.012502 Long: -111.081247

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  • Elevation: 6,910'

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  • Patten, Duncan T., The Gallatin Way to Yellowstone, 2018, History Press, Charleston, S.C., ISBN 978-1-4671-3884-0, pages 152-155
  • Miller, Don C. and Cohen, Stan B., Military & Trading Posts of Montana, 1978, Pictorial Histories, Missoula, Montana, ISBN: 0-933126-00 X, 107 pages, page 36


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  • MT0220 - Fort Gallatin

Visited: 22 Jul 2022

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