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Fort Henrietta (1855-1856) - Built by Major Mark A. Chinn and a detachment of the First Oregon Mounted Rifles in Umatilla County in November 1855 during the Yakima War. It was named for Henrietta Haller, Major Granville Haller's wife, who was Major Chinn's commander. Abandoned in 1856.

Fort Henrietta Blockhouse Replica
Fort Henrietta Location


Established on 18 Nov 1855 by Maj. Chin on the site of the destroyed Umatilla Indian Agency buildings. The fort was a 100 foot square stockade, seven foot tall. Bastions were built of cottonwood timbers on two of the angles. The fort was abandoned in 1856.

Current Status

A replica of the blockhouse is located in Fort Henrietta Park on the east side of the Umatilla River. The actual site is identified by markers on the west side of the river at the end of the road in front of the old Catholic Church.

Location: Umatilla County, Oregon, west bank of Umatilla River near the town of Echo, Umatilla County, Oregon. Fort Henrietta Park is located on the east side of the river but the actual site of Fort Henrietta is on the west bank.

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Lat: 45.741682 Long: -119.201231

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  • OR0081 - Fort Henrietta

Visited: 13 Oct 2010

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