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Fort Johnston (1) (1840-1841) - Established in 1840 by Republic of Texas 1st Infantry companies D and E under the command of Captain John Holliday and named (probably) for General Albert Sidney Johnston. Post abandoned in 1841. Also known as Fort Johnson (2)

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Fort Johnston (1) History

Established in 1840 at the direction of Colonel William G. Cooke by two Republic of Texas 1st Infantry companies under the command of Captain John Holliday. The fort was one of a number of frontier forts established at the direction of General Albert Sidney Johnston, Republic of Texas Secretary of War, to build a military road from the Red River to Austin. The original starting point was to have been Fort Inglish and the road was to end at Austin. The starting point became Fort Johnston and followed the route of the present day U.S. Highway 289 to the Cedar Springs Post in present day Dallas. The road then proceeded via the high ground route to Austin.

The post was abandoned in May 1841 after the Texas Army was disbanded.

Current Status

Only a road marker remains on Georgetown Road. The marker attributes the fort's name to Colonel Francis W. Johnson but it is now widely believed that the fort was named for General Albert Sidney Johnston.

Location:Marker and site location just west of Fink intersection of Georgetown Road and state highway 289 on Georgetown Road.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.805562 Long: -96.698576

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  • Elevation: 779'


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