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Fort Logan (2) (1887-1946) - First established in 1887 by Captain Lafayette E. Campbell as Fort Sheridan after Lieutenant General Philip H. Sheridan in Denver County, Colorado. Officially named Fort Logan, 5 Apr 1889, after Major General John A. Logan, U.S. Civil War veteran and politician. The post was abandoned by the U.S. Army in 1946.

Fort Logan Field Officer Quarters
Fort Logan 3" Saluting Gun
Fort Logan Commanding Officer Quarters


Fort Logan Marker
Fort Logan Period Flag Pole

Fort Logan was first established 31 Oct 1887 under the supervision of Captain Lafayette E. Campbell, U.S. Quartermaster Corps, on land provided by the State of Colorado near the City of Denver in Denver County, Colorado. The site was chosen by Lieutenant General Philip Sheridan. Ground was broken for the permanent post on 25 Jul 1888 and officially named on 5 Apr 1889.

A temporary tent camp was established and occupied by Captain James Baldwin and Major George K. Brady with two companies of troops from the 18th U.S. Infantry.

During World War I Fort Logan served as receiving and processing station for new recruits and later became a processing center for new ROTC officers. On 9 Dec 1939 Fort Logan became a sub-post of the Army Air Corps Lowry Field. During World War II the post again served as a processing and training center. After the War, Fort Logan served as a separation center until it closed in 1946.

Fort Logan was closed by the U.S. Army on 15 Aug 1946 but a V.A. Hospital was maintained on the grounds from 1946 to 1951. The U.S. Government deeded the property back to the State of Colorado The Colorado Fort Logan Mental Health Center opened 17 Jul 1961 and operates now as Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan.

Fort Logan (2) Partial Commanders List (edit list)
Assumed Relieved Rank Name Cullum Notes
1899-06-27 1900-05-23  Capt. Rhodes, Charles D. 3307
1900-07-22 1900-09-22  Capt. Leitch, Joseph D. 3325
1901-09-22 1902-01-07  Capt. Allaire, William Herbert 2964
1903-10-03 1904-03-18 —Col. Stedman, Clarence A. 2363
1904-03-19 1906-01-25 —Col. Mansfield, Francis  W. 2397 In Cullum's Register, the dates overlap slightly with those of the next commander.
1906-01-22 1906-07-27  Maj. Augur, Ammon A. 2687 In Cullum's Register, the dates overlap slightly with those of the previous commander.
1918-01-02 1919-08-06 —Col. Getty, Robert N. 2750
1920-01-21 1920-08-06 —Col. Ballou, Charles C. 3159
1920-09-15 1920-10-25 —Col. Ballou, Charles C. 3159
1932-08 1933-06 —Brig.‑Gen. Cheney, Sherwood A. 3746
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Current Status

Part of the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, Denver County, Colorado. Many of the original post buildings remain, especially the officer's quarters on officer's row. Building 3742 is being operated as a museum by the Friends of Historic Fort Logan. This building was a field grade officer's quarters and the first commander's quarters. Several NCO quarters also remain and a great example of a period flagpole. Fort Logan National Cemetery adjoins the state hospital.

Location: Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, Denver County, Colorado.

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  • Elevation: 5,433'



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