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Fort Lupton (1836-1864) - An adobe trading post first established in 1836 by Lancaster P. Lupton in Weld County, Colorado. Abandoned by Lupton in 1845, occupied by others 1859-1864. Also known as Fort Lancaster (2)

Fort Lupton Round Bastion
Fort Lupton Square Bastion & Quarters
Fort Lupton Front
Fort Lupton Interior


Fort Lupton Interior
Fort Lupton Tavern Room

An adobe trading post established by Lancaster P. Lupton in 1836. Lupton was an 1829 West Point graduate who resigned his commission 31 Mar 1836 to establish this trading post in Colorado. First Lieutenant Lupton had been a part of the 1834-35 expedition of Colonel Henry Dodge, 1st U.S. Dragoons, to the Rocky Mountains and saw the opportunity in the fur trade. He modeled Fort Lupton after Bents Old Fort creating a large two story adobe post 100 by 150 feet with one circular bastion and one rectangular bastion on opposing corners.

Fort Lupton became the first permanent anglo settlement in northern Colorado and prospered beyond his expectations. The fur trade declined in the 1840s and, after the severe winter of 1844-45, he abandoned the post, moving first to New Mexico and then to California.

The post remained unoccupied from 1845 to 1859 and after that was occupied by a succession of endeavors including an overland Stage Station, a corral for passing emigrant wagon trains and, during the U.S. Civil War, as a temporary U.S. Army detachment camp.

Current Status

Fort Lupton Trader Store & Museum

Part of Fort Lupton Historical Site, near the town of Fort Lupton, Weld County, Colorado. Recently replicated adjacent to the original site. Most of the original structure was destroyed but part of one adobe wall was preserved and adobe bricks from the original wall can be seen prominently displayed at various places in the replica. Interior rooms have also been replicated. Check in at the adjacent Fur Trader Store and Museum for an excellent guided tour. Must See!

Location: Just north of the Town of Fort Lupton, Weld County, Colorado.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.098017 Long: -104.816458

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  • Elevation: 4,908'



Visited: 29 Sep 2011

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