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Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks (1884-1922) - A North West Mounted Police (NWMP) post established in 1884 in present day Fort Macleod, Alberta. Abandoned in 1922.

Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks Quarters
Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks Stable
Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks Gate


Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks Unknown Building

Established in 1884 when Fort Macleod was abandoned. The post was contractor built by the North-Western Coal and Navigation Company on an open plan without a palisade. The frame buildings were laid out in a rectangle 484' by 254', all painted grey with red roofs and organized around a central parade. Over a million feet of lumber went into the sturdy buildings.

Between 1883 and 1919 the post was a divisional headquarters but in 1919 it was reduced to a detachment status. In 1922 the division was disbanded and the post was closed leaving only two caretakers.

Current Status

Fort Macleod NWMP Barracks Sign

Part of Fort Macleod NWMP Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. The site has several period buildings remaining in various stages of repair. The site is not open to the public and has no interpretive panels. It looks like it was once meant to be restored and opened to the public but the project was never completed.

Location: Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada.

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Lat: 49.7205568 Long: -113.4177125

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