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Fort McCook (2) (1862-1864) - A Union U.S. Civil War Fort established in 1862 near South Pittsburg, Marion County, Tennessee. Named Fort McCook after Union General Alexander McCook. Captured by Confederates in 1862 and renamed Fort Maxey after Confederate General Samuel B. Maxey who captured the fort. Abandoned in 1862 but reoccupied by Union forces during the Chickamauga campaign and known as Fort Thomas. Abandoned in 1864.

Fort McCook Marker Location.

History of Fort McCook

Established as a Union U.S. Civil War fort in the spring of 1862 by Union General Alexander McCook. The fort was situated at the confluence of the Tennessee River and Battle Creek.

On 27 Aug 1862, Confederate General Samuel B. Maxey crossed the Tennessee River at Bridgeport and moved on Fort McCook. General Maxey placed his artillery opposite the fort and opened fire. The Federals withdrew from the fort that night.

During the Chickamauga campaign Fort Thomas was occupied by General John M. Brannan's division of General Thomas' 14th Army Corps and became known as Fort Thomas.

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: South Pittsburg, Marion County, Tennessee.

Maps & Images

Lat: 35.01748 Long: -85.6951

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