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Fort Pipestone (1863-1864) - A Dakota War settler Fort established in 1863 near Pipestone, Pipestone County, Minnesota. Named Fort Pipestone after the town. Abandoned sometime after the end of hostilities circa 1864.

Fort Pipestone Replica Blockhouse.
Fort Pipestone Replica Gate Interior.
Fort Pipestone Replica Exterior.


Established in 1863 and attacked on 3 Sep 1863 by hostile Sioux warriors. Garrisoned by Minnesota Volunteers 10 days later.

Abandoned as a fortification about 1864.

Current Status

Fort Pipestone Replica Gift Shop.

Now a reconstructed civilian stockade that is located at 104 9th Street in Pipestone, Minnesota. A central log building serves as a gift shop and curio shop. Limited signage about the replica itself.

Location: 104 9th Street NE, Pipestone, Pipestone County, Minnesota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.008098 Long: -96.31702311

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  • Elevation: 1,719'

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Visited: 11 Jul 2021

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