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Fort Qu’Appelle (3) (1864-1897) - A Hudson's Bay Company trading post established under the direction of Peter Hourie in 1864 at the present day town of Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Abandoned in 1897 for a retail location in town.

Hudson's Bay Company 1897 Retail Store in Fort Qu’Appelle
Fort Qu’Appelle Museum, Original Post Building
Fort Qu’Appelle Museum, Original Building on the Left

History of Fort Qu’Appelle

Established in 1864 under the direction of Peter Hourie who was charged with the transfer of operations from the Qu'Appelle Lakes Post at Troy to the new location. This post began as a small trading post surrounded by a log palisade on what was then open prairie. The post was sited on the southern bank of the Qu’Appelle River at a junction of several important trails. The fort became a major provisioning post for the southern Prairies.

Fort Qu’Appelle Model in the Museum

Fort Qu’Appelle was the site of the negotiations for Indian Treaty No. 4 signed on 15 Sep 1874 where the assembled tribes signed away their right to 75,000 sections of South Saskatchewan land.

The fort also served as a temporary camp for the Canadian Militia under General Middleton’s command during the 1885 North West Rebellion. On 6 Apr 1885, General Middleton and his force of 402 men and 120 wagons left Fort Qu'Appelle on their trip north to the battle at the rebel town of Batoche.

The post was abandoned in 1897 for a retail location in downtown Fort Qu’Appelle that still exists at the corner of Broadway Street and Company Avenue.

Current Status

Fort Qu’Appelle Marker

Part of Fort Qu’Appelle National Historic Site. One remaining original building and a modern museum building at 198 Bay Avenue North. The historic site is bounded by Hudson Avenue, Broadway Street, Company Avenue and 3rd Street in the town of Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. The restored 1897 HBC retail store is at the intersection of Company Ave. and Broadway Street.

Location: Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

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