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Fort Red Clay (1838-1838) - A Trail of Tears Cherokee removal fort first established in 1838 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee. Abandoned in 1838.

Cherokee Farmstead at Red Clay.
Cherokee Eternal Flame at Red Clay.
Red Clay State Historic Park.

History of Fort Red Clay

Red Clay was the site of the last Cherokee Nation capital after it was moved from New Echota, Georgia. It became a gathering point for the Cherokee removal in 1838 and a stockade was probably built here for the removals.

Abandoned in 1838 after the removal.

Current Status

No remains of the fort at the park site.

Location: 1140 Red Clay Park Rd. S.W. Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee.

Maps & Images

Lat: 34.99313 Long: -84.94717

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  • Elevation: 869'

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