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Fort Sinquefield (1813-1813) - A Creek Indian War settler fort established in 1813 in Clarke County, Alabama. Attacked by hostile Creek Indians and abandoned in 1813.

Fort Sinquefield Panel - War in the Forks 1813
Fort Sinquefield Panel - Hayden's Dogs
Fort Sinquefield Site

History of Fort Sinquefield

Fort Sinquefield Panel - Seige of Fort Sinquefield

Established in 1813 by settlers during the Creek Indian War as a wooden stockade fortification. The fort was attacked in September 1813 by hostile Red Stick warriors while the settlers were outside the walls burying earlier victims. The settlers were saved by Isaac Hayden who happened on the scene with his 60 hunting dogs. Isaac set the dogs on the attacking Indians and managed to disrupt the attack long enough for the settlers to get back inside the fort. The settlers drove back the attackers but decided to abandon the fort and move everyone to Fort Madison ten miles to the south.

Current Status

Fort Sinquefield Marker

Marker/monument, site managed by Clarke County Historical Society near Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama.

Location: Near Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.6576 Long: -87.7278

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  • Elevation: 427'

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