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Fort Stanton (2) (1861-1866) - A Union U.S. Civil War fort established in 1861 in Southeast Washington DC. Named after Edwin Stanton, U.S. Secretary of War. Abandoned in 1866 after the end of the war.

Fort Stanton/Fort Ricketts

Fort Stanton History

One of the ring of Union fortifications surrounding Washington DC during the U.S. Civil War, see Washington DC Fort Ring.

One of a line of earthworks forts constructed on the heights southeast of the Anacostia River from Fort Greble (1) to Fort Mahan. This line of forts was intended to prevent an attack on Washington from the southeast. Fort Stanton was located almost directly south of the Washington Navy Yard and the Navy Yard Bridge.

Construction on Fort Stanton began in September 1861 and it was the first fort of this line to begin construction. A report by General John G. Barnard, chief engineer for the defenses of Washington, indicated that the fort had been completed and armed in December 1961. Fort Stanton's perimeter of 322 yards was to be armed with 18 guns. A garrison of 483 men would man the fort. The fort was garrisoned by companies of the 4th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment and the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry.

A 17 May 1864 report from the Union Inspector of Artillery noted the following: "Fort Stanton, Capt. C. C. Bumpus commanding.–Garrison, one company Heavy Massachusetts Volunteer Artillery–2 commissioned officers, 1 ordnance sergeant, 128 men. Armament, six 32-pounder barbette, three 24- pounder F. D. howitzers, four 8-inch siege howitzers, one Coehorn mortar, one 4-inch (rifled). Magazines, two serviceable and third being built. Ammunition, full supply and serviceable. Implements, complete and serviceable. Not drilled in artillery; some in infantry."

Fort Stanton closed 20 Mar 1866 and the contents were sold to the highest bidder.

Current Status

Part of Fort Stanton Park in Washington DC. The Federal government purchased the Fort Stanton property for a total of $56,000 in 1926 and the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service took control in the 1940s. The City of Washington DC and the National Parks Service share management of the park and the NPS manages the part that contains the remains of Fort Stanton and Fort Ricketts.

Location: Fort Stanton Park in Southeast Washington DC.

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Lat: 38.8613889 Long: -76.9772222

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  • Elevation: 253'

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