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Fort Stockton (1) (1859-1886) - Established by 1st Lt. Walter Jones, 1st U.S. Infantry, 23 Mar 1859 and named after Commodore Robert H. Stockton, U.S. Navy. Originally named Camp Stockman, the name was changed to Fort Stockton in 1859.

Fort Stockton Sign
Fort Stockton Guard House
Fort Stockton Quarters #5.


The fort was located at Comanche Springs on Comanche creek and was designed to protect a portion of the San Antonio-El Paso Road which led to California. It was one of a string of forts along this important road.

At the beginning of the U.S. Civil War, Confederates took possession of the fort but abandoned it in 1862.

In 1867 the army rebuilt the fort and garrisoned it with companies of the 9th U.S. Cavalry, known as "Buffalo Soldiers." The fort consisted of about 35 buildings. Two of them were built of limestone and the rest were built of adobe. It was finally abandoned in 1886.

Current Status

Only four original restored buildings remain today, the Guardhouse and three of the eight Officers' Quarters. Two Barracks and their associated kitchens have been reconstructed and one of them is used as the visitor center. The site is owned by the City of Fort Stockton and managed by the Fort Stockton Historical Society.

Location: On Spring Drive between 2nd and 5th streets,
Fort Stockton, Pecos County, Texas

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.88775 Long: -102.87574

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  • Elevation: 2,930'

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