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Fort Tumlinson (1836-1837) - A Texas Ranger post established early in 1836 during the Texas Revolution by Ranger Captain John Jackson Tumlinson in present day Williamson County, Texas. Abandoned in 1836 and found burned down by Indians in 1837. Also Known as Tumlinson Blockhouse and Tumlinson Fort.

Fort Tumlinson Marker
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Captain Tumlinson and his company of sixty Texas Rangers built Fort Tumlinson near Brushey Creek in present day Williamson County during the Texas Revolution. The post was constructed with a blockhouse as the main defense early in 1836. In March of 1836 Mexican General Santa Anna invaded newly independent Texas and Tumlinson's company departed to join the fight against the Mexican forces, abandoning the fort. In 1837 a scout reported that the blockhouse had been burned down by hostile indians.

Current Status

Marker only, site location on private property in Leander, Williamson County, Texas

Location: Marker located at the intersection of Hwy 183 and Block House Drive on the outskirts of Leander, Williamson County, Texas. The marker is a part of the entrance to the Block House Creek Community.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.542803 Long: -97.83955

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  • Elevation: 970'



Visited: 10 Nov 2011

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