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Fort Tyler (3) (1863-1865) - A Confederate U.S. Civil War Fort established in 1863 in West Point, Troup County, Georgia and Chambers County, Alabama. Named Fort Tyler after Confederate General Robert C. Tyler who was killed in a Union attack on the fort. Captured and destroyed by Union forces in April 1865. Last Confederate fort to fall in battle in the U.S. Civil War.

Fort Tyler 12-pounder Napoleon.
Fort Tyler 32-pounder.
Fort Tyler Interior.


Established in 1863 overlooking of the town of West Point, Georgia and a railroad bridge across the Chattahoochee River. The actual earthworks lie mostly in Alabama while the entrance to the present day park lies in Georgia.

Fort Tyler from Below.

Built as a strong earthwork redoubt 35 yards square, surrounded by a ditch 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep and located atop a steep hill. Centered in the redoubt was an earthworks magazine. The exterior was protected by an abatis. One mounted 32-pounder naval gun and two 12-pounder Napoleon field pieces were located at three of the four angles. The 32-pounder faced southeast while the Napoleons faced southwest and northwest.

Battle of West Point Panel.

The fort was attacked on 16 Apr 1865 by forces under Union Major General James H. Wilson, (Cullum 1852) and Colonel Oscar H. La Grange who were completing a devastating raid through Alabama. The war was officially over when the attack took place but the combatants were unaware of that. The small Confederate garrison was overwhelmed by the superior numbers of Union troops who attacked up all four sides of the fort hill. General Tyler was killed in the battle, the last general of either side to be killed in the war and the fort was surrendered about 6 pm.

The Union soldiers blew up the central magazine and later a reservoir was built on the hilltop. The reconstructed fort was built in 1996 and formally dedicated in 1998.

Current Status

Fort Tyler Park Entrance.
Fort Tyler Marker.

Must See! Reconstructed fort with mounted replica cannons in three of the bastions. One of the best presented CSA small fortifications to be seen. Lots of interpretive panels along the trail up to the fort and inside the fort. Self guided tour and no charge for entry. Fort Tyler is an official Civil War Discovery Trail site.

Location: West Point, Troup County, Georgia and Chambers County Alabama.

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Lat: 32.88157 Long: -85.18702

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  • Elevation: 700'

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