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Fort Tyson (1856-1856) - A privately owned fortification established in 1856 in the present-day town of Quartzsite in La Paz County, Arizona. Named Fort Tyson after the owner Charles Tyson who fortified this property. Also known as Tyson's Wells.

Fort Tyson Ruins.


Fort Tyson was a privately owned fortification built in 1856 for protection against hostile Mohave Indians. The property was for a time a stagecoach way station and provided one of the few water wells in the area. Because of the well, Tyson's Wells became a stage station on the road from Prescott to Ehrenburg on the Colorado River.

Current Status

The site is a derelict building on private property with no signage or other identifying information. On the south side of U.S. Route 95, a bit further east is the Tyson's Well Stage Station Museum with some additional information.

Location: Quartzsite, La Paz County, Arizona.

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Lat: 33.6646570 Long: -114.228861

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  • Elevation: 879'

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  • AZ0280 - Fort Tyson

Visited: 2 Apr 2022

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