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Fort Vermillion (2) (1833-1851) - An American Fur Company Fort established along the Missouri River in 1833 near present-day Burbank, Clay County, South Dakota. Abandoned in 1851.

Fort Vermillion (2) Missing Marker Location.


Established on 8 May 1833 as the first American Fur Company trading post on the upper Missouri River. On that date, the American Fur Company steamer Yellowstone stopped along the Missouri riverbank, and Francois LeRoi went ashore to set up the Vermillion fur trading post.

During the winter of 1845-1846, a party of 200 Mormons from Nauvoo, Illinois led by James Emmett wintered at Fort Vermillion.

Abandoned in 1851.

Current Status

Marker #413 is (was) located in Burbank at the old school on 469th Ave. Marker was missing in July 2020 visit. All remains of the fort have been washed away but the fort was reported to be on the river bank south of Burbank. GPS Coordinates are for the Marker.

Location: Near Burbank, Clay County, South Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.74783 Long: -96.82768

GPS Locations:

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Visited: 11 Jul 2020

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