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Fort Yargo (1793-1???) - First established in 1793 or 1792 as one of four forts built by the Humphries brothers to protect local settlers.

Fort Yargo Georgia State Marker.
Fort Yargo Log Blockhouse with Cook Shed in Back and Smokehouse on Right Side.
Fort Yargo Cook Shed Interior.
Fort Yargo Smokehouse.

History of Fort Yargo

Current Status

The original cabin blockhouse has been moved from the original site to a more secure area of the park about two miles north of the original location. The fort structure has been restored and is now a part of a growing complex of period structures that includes a working smokehouse and cook shed.

Location: Fort Yargo State Park, Barrow County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.9583333 Long: -83.7441667

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  • Elevation: 856'



Visited: 8 Jul 2010

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